I  decided to make lasagna this weekend and for that we need spaghetti sauce. specifically sauce without basil in it as Trace is having a reaction to basil right now. (Who knew basil could cause so much trouble!) We canned a lot of spaghetti sauce this summer – but it all has BASIL in it – of course. Luckily we stewed a heap of tomatoes too!

So I set up a temporary kitchen next to the wood stove (our new kitchen is almost ready!) and got to work – it is raining out so the wood stove was nice and hot already.


All of our veggies came from two local farms, Goranson Farm and Dig Deep Farm. The pork sausage came from Goranson Farm too – delicious!


I added the tomatoes and sausage to the pot and the sauce smelled yummy!

We let the sauce bubble away on the top of the stove all afternoon – the house smelled glorious and the sauce tasted terrific! Yesterday I made the lasagna and we all agreed – delicious! We hope to do more of our cooking on the wood stove next winter when our kitchen and living space is in the same room.