We have a small cabin in the woods, no power, no water, I think it is 12′ x 12′ plus a sleeping loft, one time Trace said he wished we lived at the cabin. I asked him why, he said “Because everything has a place here”. There is not a lot of STUFF here. It is simple, we have some pots and a cast iron skillet, some cooking utensils, a few books and games, a bed, a small table, a futon and a cooler. That is pretty much it.

Trace’s playground is the surrounding woods – he stays where he can see the cabin and hides behind trees or swings on the porch swing. He does not miss Netflix when we are here or ask to watch it – he never says he is bored and what can he play or say he has nothing to do (as I must have heard at least three times on Sunday) – and yet he has less at the cabin. Perhaps that is the answer.


Less distraction from finishing a task or a game, less of the modern conveniences that make our lives easier.

A simpler time, food, peace and appreciating the moment. Not worrying what we are missing on TV or who we should visit or the errands and tasks that need to be done to keep the house running.


Less of everything except each other and the moment.