We made our raised garden beds this weekend! With River’s patience, I learned about power tools and I must say I cut a pretty straight line with the circular saw – not bad for a first timer! We have them nailed together and they are ready to go in place…as soon as the appropriate areas are cleared for them. We have to clear the areas in front of the house. Right now there are lots of day lilies, what my dad calls sneeze weed and a few other flowers. Our rhubarb is also in this area but will soon be in a new raised bed all its own down in our field with a healthy dose of horse manure to increase production. (How the rhubarb ended up in the flowers is still a mystery to me – my dad might know the answer…)

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We are currently gathering the ingredients for our soil, a blend of peat moss, vermiculite and compost.

We have had a bit of a conundrum about the vermiculite and the peat moss as both of these are non-renewable resources. Most peat moss comes from bogs in Canada that are being depleted faster than they can grow back. We have decided to get a little at the store and to harvest our own locally so the moss will have a chance to regenerate. Since these are raised beds with bottoms that will not be walked on (very important not to crush your soil!) – the soil can be used forever while only adding a bit of compost to the beds each time something new is planted. We know that the peat moss and the vermiculite will have a long life in our garden growing veggies for our family so it will not be wasted.

On Monday while Trace and I were at bird class, River started seeds for broccoli, cauliflower, spinach,  lettuce, swiss chard, cabbage, kale, mesclun, onions, arugula, parsley and salad greens.

Trace can’t wait for peas so he can “pick ’em and eat ’em right in the garden”. I agree peas are a fan favorite around here!