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In our effort to simplify our lives, we, of course, made it more complicated first. We decided to divide our house in half going from a little over 2100 square feet to about 1100 square feet of living space.

We had this big playroom,

that Trace never played in.

It is now our main living space: kitchen, living room & dining room – and it is just right – we love hanging out in here – anyone who is on the couch is still part of what is going on in the kitchen – because  – everyone always wants to be in the kitchen!

Trace’s bedroom is closer so he plays upstairs or brings a bin of cars down and plays in the living room.


It is a really bright, cheerful space and it feels comfortable, warm and just right for our family.

We are making the other half of the house – with the original kitchen into a two bedroom rental unit – income baby! I still have some things to remove from the other side of the house – pictures hanging on the wall mostly, they will slowly make there way to the new space if I think they are necessary, but so far – we are all so happy with our space and couldn’t imagine anything better!


Or maybe I should rephrase that: River has been busy –  I have been lazy.

River has finished our raised garden beds – with the exception of one that we need a little more vermiculite for. They look great! The trellis’ are on them where necessary and they have some fresh seaweed on top of them that will leach nutrients into the gardens as they dry up and get mixed with everything else.  River gathered the seaweed from the river by our house the other day – he took the canoe out and filled it up – filling the back of the truck with the rich seaweed to grow our veggies!

The faucet came in for our new kitchen and it has been installed, but the water is not hitched up yet.

We have been doing a lot of cooking on the wood stove since it has been cool and the wood stove has been going anyway. It is really fun to cook in our new space, another fun aspect of cooking in here is that Trace can reach the top of the wood stove without standing on a chair (which always scares me a little how they have to lean in a little to reach – balance not always being perfect) so he is learning how to flip pancakes with the best of ’em! We have made pancakes (many of them), crepes, mashed potatoes, grilled cheese, stir fry, and more spaghetti sauce for pizza (yum)!

We finished reading the book Hatchet by Gary Paulsen as a family – it was fun to read together and it gave Trace many opportunities to tell us how he would do things if he were in that situation (and he had a LOT of ideas!) One of my favorite things to do is to read together whether we are all reading our own books or reading and listening to each other it is a calm restful thing to do.

So now – onto other things – I will keep you posted on our garden progress – it is almost time to plant spinach and other cold weather crops outdoors – I can’t wait!


Trace has been having a lot of stomach problems related to food sensitivities so we have to keep several things out of his diet for awhile one of which is yeast – so he can’t eat regular bread.

I had forgotten last night that we did not have anything to put in his lunch today so it was cornbread muffins for breakfast!

They were steamy hot with butter and strawberry, sumac or blackberry jam – yummy!

Trace choose to have his lunch ones with blueberry jam I hope they are just as good at lunch time!

(I took a photo to go with this post and I did not check it at the time – ug – I made a lovely shadow – so no photo of the yummy muffins!)

I just planted rosemary and thyme from seed in the house. We will see how they do. All the things I read on the internet said start from a cutting or a plant starting from seeds will produce poor results. Too bad – we bought the seeds – we are starting them from seeds. I am hoping for success if only to prove to all the doubters out there that they can be started from seed for the garden without too much pain and suffering!

Cross your fingers…

This past weekend was great! I organized my new pantry – it looks very pretty with all our canned goods lined up and pretty.  We got a table that we bought from a friend home and it fits our new space perfectly! Our new living space is so perfect for us – none of us want to spend time on the other side of the house because this side of the house is so comfortable!

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We also transplanted our rhubarb plants and River has been doing a lot of seed starting. We can’t wait for green things to grow in the garden!

Enjoy the week!

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