In our effort to simplify our lives, we, of course, made it more complicated first. We decided to divide our house in half going from a little over 2100 square feet to about 1100 square feet of living space.

We had this big playroom,

that Trace never played in.

It is now our main living space: kitchen, living room & dining room – and it is just right – we love hanging out in here – anyone who is on the couch is still part of what is going on in the kitchen – because  – everyone always wants to be in the kitchen!

Trace’s bedroom is closer so he plays upstairs or brings a bin of cars down and plays in the living room.


It is a really bright, cheerful space and it feels comfortable, warm and just right for our family.

We are making the other half of the house – with the original kitchen into a two bedroom rental unit – income baby! I still have some things to remove from the other side of the house – pictures hanging on the wall mostly, they will slowly make there way to the new space if I think they are necessary, but so far – we are all so happy with our space and couldn’t imagine anything better!