Trace and I made spring rolls for dinner last night – delicious! I love making spring rolls for several reasons:

1. Trace loves to eat them

2. Trace loves to help me make them – I like to involve him in making our food when I can and this is an easy one to have him help with

3. It is a different and delicious way to serve root vegetables

For last nights dinner I used carrots, sweet potato, kale, duck, brown rice that had been cooked in turkey  broth and chives. The carrots and sweet potato were from the grocery store, the Kale was from Dig Deep Farm, the wood duck was one that River had gotten during duck hunting season and the turkey broth for the rice was from the turkey River got last week during turkey season. I like to use local food as much as possible!

Sometimes I add parsnips to the carrots and sweet potato for a sweet flavor and if I have cabbage I will use that too.

First I julianed the carrots and sweet potato – it doesn’t have to be perfect – but it works best because it cooks quickly and if the pieces are about an inch or so long and nice and skinny it is easier to eat. I saute them in a little olive oil and let them soften up a bit – after they have cooked about five minutes I move them all over to half of my large cast iron skillet and put in the kale – it always looks like so much till it is all cooked down – add some water and put the cover on the pan so the kale can steam away for a couple of minutes.

I took the kale out and put in the rice and the duck that I had cut up into small pieces – in the pan to warm up.

Trace and his little buddy picked a handful of chives from our yard and I chopped it up.

So we set it up – kale in a bowl – the skillet of veggies, rice and meat and the chives.

In front of that we put our cake pan full of warm water to soften the spring roll wrapper which are available at most grocery stores – and two plates – one for fabricating the spring rolls and one for the finished product.

Trace only likes the meat and the carrots and sweet potato mixture and the chives in his – and he likes to make them first (of course).

River and I like ours with sweet & sour sauce and soy sauce – Trace eats his straight up – no condiments necessary!

A yummy, fun dinner was enjoyed by all and I had fun putting it together with Trace.

I had made pumpkin bars earlier in the day but had not had time to make the frosting so after dinner River and Trace made cream cheese frosting for it – yum, yum, yum – a delicious end to a delicious meal!

I wish I had thought to take photos at the time because dinner was so pretty – but I didn’t think to – hopefully next time.