Trace can’t wait for summer – for the end of school. Every day is a bit of a struggle.

“But I don’t want to go to school today.”

“Trace you only have six days of school left.”

Seriously – now we are having a struggle with this. Pretty much all year he has been great – amazing how the end of kindergarten is coming up and he already can’t wait for summer! I am wondering if by the end of summer he will be ready to go back to school to see all his buddies.

I was hoping we would have a pretty tame summer – but it isn’t looking too good for that.

So far we are:

Visiting my cousin and my grandfather – one weekend

A small friend reunion – at least we don’t have to travel for this one!

A baby shower for my best friend in Mass – so a weekend trip for me and Trace (believe it or not we are also invited to my great aunts 80th birthday this weekend and a friend’s wedding – go figure)

A Fresh Air kid from NY city coming to visit us for two weeks

A camping trip with Trace’s best friends

Grandma coming to visit

River’s dad coming to visit

My grandfather’s birthday

Ummmm – will we have any weekends to just hang out and relax – to float down the river and go fishing – I don’t know – time to look at the schedule and decide what is going to have to go so we can relaxxxxxxx.

Welcome to summer – I always anticipate 10 weeks of calm and it never happens – maybe this year I will learn…