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True story from the Lee Household:

On Monday evening someone gave us a pig.

Now we did not have much time to prepare for said pig as we only found out we were getting it on Sunday night and we did not know how big it was.

That being said River retro fitted the chicken house to a piggie house and we put some structural reinforcement around the bottom of the fence.

Now what we were not told was that the piggie was spoiled.

Very, very spoiled.

Upon arrival we were told that for some reason the pig would not eat grain.

No he likes blueberry muffins, pancakes and corn. Yes they actually bought him his own corn and blueberry muffins at the corner store.


While we aren’t going to waste blueberry muffins, pancakes and good corn on a pig, so we figure the pig will eat the darn grain eventually.

The first night went well – Trace really likes the pig – his name is Riley (not our choice – it is the name he came with – Trace likes Wilbur)

Trace spent a long time scratching him and the pig really enjoyed that.

The next day Trace was at his dad’s, I was at work and River was making some trailer repairs in the backyard near the pig – so he was kind of keeping the pig company.

After I got home in the evening the pig finally ate a little bit of his grain.

River and I went inside for dinner and while we were eating we heard some rustling in the bushes outside. I thought it was the cat on the prowl – but no it was the pig tearing down the hill to the field.

River and 6 1/2 months pregnant lady rushed outside to capture this 50lb pig.

Now to look at this pig you would not thing that it would be so hard to hold him once you grabbed him – but he is a slithery little critter and I believe he is made entirely of muscle.

Now mind you we do not have any of his favorite treats on hand to lure him back to his pen – no muffins, pancakes or corn so he was not so willing to come to us.

We finally got him into the backyard – River had already gotten ahold of him once and the darn thing squirmed right out of him arms – so now we had to try to make it happen again.

With pregnant lady holding her belly – cause it hurts to run when your belly is sticking out as far as mine is – I tried to turn the pig at opportune moments so it would go towards River and not towards the road.

After several attempts of this we finally managed to build a little coral type thing by the entrance of the pig pen and corner him in there. River got a hold of him and had to literally pin him to the ground using all his weight so the pig would not take off again in the meantime the pig started squealing so loudly I am sure all our neighbors think that we were committing murder in the backyard.

My conclusion: the little piggie does indeed say wee, wee, wee all the way home.

I have since been told that a pig will not run towards a solid wall so we should have just held up sheets of plywood or something to turn it till we got it where we wanted it – well now we know – thank you DW.  (Who laughed like crazy when he read my story and just bought us a pig book to help us through this experience. )



We are going camping – I hope you don’t have any big plans this weekend – because of course when we camp – it rains.







What a great weekend! Since River owns a guide service we decided to check out some local bodies of water to see if they would be good for day trips with clients. We found a nearby bog – got the canoe off the top of the car and hoped in! It was a glorious day – the sun was shinning – there was very little wind and both my guys were paddling behind me.

Ready for the trip!

On our way!

I re-learned some paddle strokes, the dufek and the draw, both steering from the front moves, that River taught me last summer. On the paddle into the bog, we saw four beaver houses and a muskrat house, as well as some beaver traps. As we came closer to the bog we could see that ice was still covering most of it, we paddled around the edges using the canoe as an ice breaker in a few places so we could continue our adventure.

The beginning of the trip was a narrow stream...

the stream got wider and opened up to...

the bog - it was beautiful.

Three eagles were way out on the ice, we pulled the boat to shore so we could get a closer look at the eagles, they must have been eating something on the ice. Some ducks made an appearance as well, it was nice to hear them as they flew over the canoe. They must have known it was not hunting season, they did not seem scared of us at all.

River went for the first swim of the season much to Trace's amusement.

Sunday morning we did a little house cleaning (I will admit that our guest room, which is on the way to the attic, collects things that need to go to their proper homes – our skis, skates, sleeping bags, outgrown clothes we are saving in hopes of #2, etc.) and prepared a bunch of items to go to the children’s consignment store.

Then Trace and I went OUT! It was so beautiful outside – I had to change into a short sleeve shirt before long.

I transplanted our blueberries, which have done very poorly where they were, partly because I would forget about them – out of sight, out of mind – and partly because they were not getting enough sun.

Some good old-fashioned horse manure should do the trick as well as a more visible, sunny location. I removed some flowers from the flower beds and planted my blueberries right next to where our square foot gardens will be. I will not be able to forget about them this year. I think they need to be pruned. I should get right on that…. We also measured for the materials that we need to build our raised garden beds – I am so excited about our garden!

We hooked the truck up to some stumps that needed to be removed for more veggie gardens – right in front of the house and next to the steps. I have wanted the shrubs removed for a long time (I thought the shrubs were ugly – they have been there forever!) but did not have the time to do it myself. This was fast and very entertaining for Trace!

The laundry dried completely on the line today – ahhhh spring – there is nothing like the fresh scent of spring on newly washed sheets!

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