I am not always sure how Trace feels about having a step father – but I gained some insight a couple of months ago.

Trace and his buddy Keith were playing, Trace was the little boy and Keith was the Dad.

K – “I want to be someone else now.”

T – “Who do you want to be?”

K – “I’ll be your step-dad.”

T – “But my step-dad is my dad.”

K – “No he isn’t.”

T – “Yes he is – he is just like my dad – I have two dads.”

K – “Fine – I guess I’ll be your Grandpapa.”

Be still my heart – the little guy is so accepting. Makes me a little teary just thinking about it.

Trace does not call River Dad, we have talked about the name Papa – he looks more like a Papa to me and it would avoid confusion since Trace calls his father Dad. Trace wasn’t sure about it, he said “But then I wouldn’t have my River anymore!”

Apparently River is a special name for Dad.