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In the process of moving to a smaller space we had some extra furniture, there were a few things that we were able to sell, and a few things I was not sure what to do with.

What should we do with:

An old matress, still in good condition – but could be about 40 years old as it came with a bed from my grandparent’s house.

A big old desk that no one seemed to want when we tried to sell it – it was River’s grandmother’s

A cute little old chair that needs the seat re-cained and new glue on all the joints – I have had it for years

A little rocking chair – some doggie teeth marks on it, but sturdy

A small table  – less than a foot square – tall and a bit tippy honestly

A pretty, new cabinet that I had purchased from Target about 2 years ago that just doesn’t fit in our space anymore

What we did:

Everything except the little rocking chair and the cabinet went at the end of the driveway – and would you believe that people took all of them – every single one. I hope they really enjoy them.

I decided that I would paint the little rocking chair – I think a nice eggplant color and give it to my grandmother for her birthday for her porch – she needs a couple of little rocking chairs on the porch to replace very old ones that people can’t really sit in any more without risk of hurting themselves.

The cabinet – I have posted it on Craig’s List a couple of times – no bites – I kind of want to make a little money on this one – I bought it for about $130 and I feel really bad spending the money on it and not having it be useful for us – I may have to change my perspective and just let it go.

The porch which had become the storage unit – was so crowded – it looked horrible – dark – crowded and dirty and it is the entrance to our home.

River and I both felt a sense of relief when all the STUFF was gone!

Ahhhh – space – light – sunshine – air – so good to have you back!


I bought a really nice couch about 10 years ago, I can’t remember if it was from Crate & Barrel or Pottery Barn at this point – but I saw it I fell in love with it and paid way too much for it even though it was on sale.

Half the cushions are missing – but you get the idea – a large sectional – that is the old living room by the way.

When we were building our new space, River built-in a couch frame and we reused the couch cushions – reduce, reuse, recycle. My plan is to eventually recover them in a pretty dark brown – but for right now they are a faded (very faded) blue jean color – honestly – they look kind of ugly.

The down cushions are very comfortable.

But they are not very practical.

Because they slouch.



Consequently they always look like this:

We end up piling up throw pillows on top of the back to make it comfortable to lean against – which leads to way too many throw pillows in the living room.

This is what is under the throw pillows – so comfortable looking isn’t it.

Isn’t that pretty.

Does anyone have any suggestions for keeping the cushions upright and useful rather than falling down and messy looking? I don’t want to replace them if I don’t have to.

We have thought of a piece of the foam padding put into the back of each cushion to give it some shape – but we aren’t crazy about the off gassing.

In our effort to simplify our lives, we, of course, made it more complicated first. We decided to divide our house in half going from a little over 2100 square feet to about 1100 square feet of living space.

We had this big playroom,

that Trace never played in.

It is now our main living space: kitchen, living room & dining room – and it is just right – we love hanging out in here – anyone who is on the couch is still part of what is going on in the kitchen – because  – everyone always wants to be in the kitchen!

Trace’s bedroom is closer so he plays upstairs or brings a bin of cars down and plays in the living room.


It is a really bright, cheerful space and it feels comfortable, warm and just right for our family.

We are making the other half of the house – with the original kitchen into a two bedroom rental unit – income baby! I still have some things to remove from the other side of the house – pictures hanging on the wall mostly, they will slowly make there way to the new space if I think they are necessary, but so far – we are all so happy with our space and couldn’t imagine anything better!

This past weekend was great! I organized my new pantry – it looks very pretty with all our canned goods lined up and pretty.  We got a table that we bought from a friend home and it fits our new space perfectly! Our new living space is so perfect for us – none of us want to spend time on the other side of the house because this side of the house is so comfortable!

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We also transplanted our rhubarb plants and River has been doing a lot of seed starting. We can’t wait for green things to grow in the garden!

Enjoy the week!

Our new counter top is complete! River finished the sanding, sealing and waxing yesterday – it is beautiful. It has a lovely sheen and looks a bit like granite – but it is actually concrete.

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We ordered the faucet yesterday and I can’t wait for it to get here! Only a few things left to do before the kitchen is totally functional, like a stove and a refrigerator….

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